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Changelog 8/11/2021


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  • Added Verus map on warper NPC.
  • Removed Item to Costume Converter NPC.
  • Disabled Battleground extended feature (we are upgrading this feature together with new items and new rewards).
  • Disabled Laphine UI Feature (we are upgrading this feature to work on our upcoming android client).
  • Fixes izlude town.
    • After new players enter the boat it seems like there are missing NPC's at the middle of the izlude.
  • Fixes the issue with Izlude Academy Warps.
    • Fixes the warps and npc locations for new academy map.
  • Added new NPC "Hunting Mission".
    • To access the map use "@hm" command.
      • If you choose a new mission you will be given a random hunting quest but the rewards increase by difficulties.
      • Mission points are shared among to all of your characters including delay time.
      • You can start a quest every 3 hours.
        • Rewards shop:
          • Buddah Scroll contents:
            • Bubble gum box, Str dish Box, Megaphone Box, Battle manual box, Token of Siegfried Box, Shadow armor S Box, Guyak pudding, Poker card in mouth, Sleeping kitty cat, Car ear beret, Guarantee weapon +5, Red hood, Costume sprit chung E, Guarantee weapon +9, Sealed Samurai Card, Kirin wing and unbreakable weapon Box.
          • Bi Wang Scroll contents:
            •  Underripe Yggseed, Str dish Box, Bubble gum box, Battle manual Box, Luk dish box, Silvervine Fruit Box, Enriched oridecon box, Pr reset stone box, Sunglasses bball hat, Magic stole, Costume lord of death, Monkey on fur hat, Nabi hair pin, Costume hair of strong, Sealed orc hero card, Asgard belssing, Black inu shiba hat, Fortier mask, Thantos card.
          • Asgard Scroll contents:
            • Asgard blessing, odins blessing, Valkyrja's blessing, Yggdrasilberry, Daydric Card, Fricca Circlet, Secret medicine, Tyr's blessing, HE battle manual, Valkyrie feather band, Isilla card, Spark candy, Darkness helm, Guyak pudding, Token of Siegfried box, Regeneration box (10), Lucky cookie.
          • Angel Scoll contents:
            • Angelic chain, Dress of angel, Ear's of angel wings, Kiss of angel, Angeling hat, Angeling hairpin, Gold spirit chain, Angeling card, Blessing scroll box, Archangeling card.
          • Blacksmith Blessing.
          • Instance Coin.


  • Item Fixes:
    • Fixed item bonus for Powerful Amdarais Card and Bijou Card.
    • Fixes wrong sealed card effects.
    • Fixed Sealed Randgris Card wrong trigger chance and unnecessary trigger criteria "BF_NORMAL" for casting Dispell has been removed.
    • Fixed Sealed Detale Card wrong trigger chance and now casts Land Protector on self instead of enemy.
  • Added new item on cash shop (Pitapat Box).
  • Update Old card album, Old purple box and Old blue box.
    • Fixes:
      • Card drops and drop rates are aligned with values from Divine-Pride which is 1.
      • Entries match drops listed on Divine-Pride DB like emperium and more items that missing on the Old purple and Old blue box database.
  • Added item combos for Healing Staff and Benevolent Guardian [1].
  • Corrected item combos for Variant Staff and Heavenly Order.
  • Fixed some incorrect item effects.
    • Fixed Academy Badge.
    • Fixed Corruption Root Card and Corruption Root H Card.
    • Fixed Modify Str Boots.



  • Fixed soul reaper spirit removal.
    • If soulballs are removed completely the client also needs to be updated.
  • Adjusts Inspiration cooldown.
    • Adjusts the cooldown for Inspiration to match kRO of 30s + (30s * skillLv).


  • Properly implements Soul Attack for Doram Job.
    • Adds the missing client EFST when learning the skill.
    • Fixes the behavior so that skills that block or reduce ranged attacks are properly taken into account.
  • Added new patch and attendance reward for the month of August.
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