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Partner Up with AsurielRO!

Are you a You tube and Twitch streamer or a content creator who is currently playing or already streaming with AsurielRO? Thus, we are inviting you to have a partnership program with us! If you are interested to make a content about our very owned AsurielRO, we want to offer you a reward of monthly AP which depends on your level of activity.

This invitation is also cordially extended to other first content creator of Ragnarok Online (newbie category). So if you are a comic artist who loves making RO comics, don't hesitate to show your interest and reach out to by sending a private message @Administrator through the forum . We'd love to talk with you!


Established Content Creator

For content creators with more than 50+ subscribers on Youtube, or existing Twitch Affiliates or Partners, we are glad to discuss how the Asuriel Points will be computed. The same applies to starting content creators who had reached threshold overtime.


Fledgling Content Creators

  • We will offer 100 Asuriel Points for each 2 hours of video content, up to  2,400 Asuriel Points for every 24 hours can be earned.
    • A content creator can earn up to 9,600 Asuriel Points Monthly.
  • Please note that videos submitted for reward points should be based on at least 2 hours long online streaming in which the focus is only for Asuriel RO.
  • Once the video was made, You must contact ADM Sarah or Vasikkok and have them review and approve your content prior in issuing of rewards.

Additional Rewards

  • We are also giving weekly woe supply, food stats and Exp, Job and bubble gums supplies for YouTube and Twitch Streamer so that you will be able to make some upgrades while doing the content.


We're expecting to see all sorts of content our players can create. Feel free to reach out on us whatever medium you are going to use in promoting the server whether it is a comic strip, a Sound Cloud or something we can't think of yet! We're looking forward to collaborate with you!

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