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Christmas Event


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Christmas is near! Just a simple event for our server celebration for this Christmas Hopefully you will love this.

We are working for a more better seasonal events for the future.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

First Quest:

  • Talk to Union Commander and finish his quest by finding racoons around Lutie Town.
  • After you make those racoons to sing Jingle bells, go back to Union Commander and Prepare for his next quest.

Second Quest:

  • Broke 5 Couples around the Lutie Town and earn 5 points.
  • After you broke the required couples go back to Union Commander and Prepare for his next quest.

Third Quest:

  • Collect 20 Stolen Cookies, 20 Stolen Candy and 20 Bag of Selling Goods.
  • You can collect those items into a different dungeons. by killing Gift Stealing Racoons2380.png
  • After collecting the required items, go back to Union Commander and Received your reward.


22685 Single Union Christmas Gift

  • Open it when I'm alone. Before open it, nobody know what it is inside.
    • Old Blue Box.
    • Christmas Musicbox
    • Event Cake
    • Angeling Potion
    • Buche De Noel
    • Christmas Music Box
    • Xmas Firecracker
    • Costume Cat Santa Hat
    • Single Cookie

Event is repeatable every 24 hours

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Christmas Event Part 2


Christmas Carols

  1. Speak with Carolling (Prontera 226,306) in front of Prontera Church. Select Carols.
  2. She asks you to bring her 6 Piece of Singing Crystal.
  3. After returning with the Fragments, Carolling then asks you to bring 10 Wooden Block (Trunk), 1 Hammer of Blacksmith, 1 Jubilee, 10 Sticky Mucus, and 1 3-carat Diamond.
  4. Talk to her again after collecting the items to receive a Christmas Musicbox and a Buche De Noel.

The Musicbox is an Accessory which enables use of the Christmas Carol skill when equipped.

The skill plays the first part of the song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

You can repeat this part of quest, but you will receive only a Buche De Noel for exchange of 6 Piece of Singing Crystal.

Santa Claus

1. Talk to Santa Claus in one of the following cities:

  • Payon: (171, 109)
  • Prontera: (156, 285)
  • Alberta: (117,66)
  • Geffen: (119,70)
  • Morroc: (158, 104)

Gift Game

If you ask him about Gift Boxes, he will play a game with you where you must guess 3 out of 5 randomly drawn cards correctly to receive a gift. Can only be done once per hour per character.


  • 2 Buche De Noel
  • 3 Mushroom Pancake
  • 3 Honey Pancake
  • 3 Chocolate Tart
  • 10 Well-baked Cookie
  • 10 I Love You Firecracker
  • 1 Antonio's Santa Hat
  • 1 Old Blue Box
  • 1 Cookie Bag
  • 10 Merry Christmas Firecracker
  • 3 Santa's Bag
  • 3 Sour-Cream Pancake
  • 3 Caviar Pancake


Two limited-time items are obtainable during the event. Both items were intended to be removed on December 30, 2008, but instead remained until the end of the event itself. Antonio's Santa Hat was still available from Xmas Gifts for a while, but didn't provide any effect. Remaining hats and drops were fixed later (not all servers have that fix).

Santa's Beard

A beard that seems to make you let out a guffaw. Increases defense on Brute monsters by 5%. DEF+5

Antonio's Santa Hat

A hat that Antonio used to wear. Increases the resistance against Demi-human, Devil, and Angelic mobs by 5%. When you attack, there's a low chance that it autocasts Lv. 10 Blessing and a chance of casting Lv. 3 Heal on its user. When you kill mobs with this hat on, there's a low chance that they will drop Xmas presents.

Wedding in Lutie

  1. Speak to Wedding Staff at Lutie (90,265).
  2. Apply for Wedding.
  3. Speak to Santa Pastor (96,270) to become married.
  • Grooms will need 600,000 Zeny, 1 Diamond Ring, and a Tuxedo.
  • Brides will need 400,000 Zeny, 1 Diamond Ring, and a Wedding Dress.

Louise Costume Box

  1. Speak to Louise Kim (89,92) in Santa's house (142,237) in Lutie
  2. She requires the following items to make a Louise Costume Box:
  • 1x Cotton Shirt
  • 3x Red Potion
  • 1x Holy Water
  • 1x Wrapping Paper (Christmas Orc, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin or Violent Present)
  • 1x Wrapping Lace (Christmas Orc, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Goblin or Violent Present)

Louise Costume Box: Santa's Bag Cool Summer Outfit

Note: Santa Suit/Summer Outfit only lasts for 10 minutes

Christmas Mobs

Found in many fields around the world, these special monsters drop the following:

  • Violent Gift Box
  • Candy
  • Candy Cane
  • I Love You Firecracker
  • Xmas Firecracker
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Wrapping Lace
  • Piece of Singing Crystal
  • Xmas Gift (Special Gift Box - rate estimates based on sample of 725 gift boxes)
    • Chocolate Drink (~4.3%)
    • Buche de Noel (~7%)
    • Cookie Bag (~3.7%)
    • First Aid Kit (~3.4%)
    • Old Blue Box (~8.5%)
    • Old Navy Box (~12.3%)
    • Taming Gift Set (~1.8%)
    • Gift Box (~18.3%)
    • Scroll Package (~5%)
    • Speed Potion (~3%)
    • Slow Potion (~4.4%)
    • Antonio's Santa Hat (~5.1%)
    • 3-carat Diamond (~5.1%)
    • I Love You Firecracker (~1.9%)
    • X-mas Firecracker (~1.2%)
    • Wrapped Mask (~2.6%)
    • Handmade White Chocolate (~6.2%)
  • Antonio
  • Dead Branch
  • Buche de Noel
  • Xmas Firecracker
  • Antonio's Santa Hat
  • Santa's Bag
  • Sweet Candy Cane
  • Santa's Beard
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