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Changelog 9/4/2021


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  • Fixed Temple of Demon God that skill of the mobs is not working and cause of map crash.
  • Fixed Some NPC dialog to easily determine what's the NPC Porpuse.
  • Update Card Exchanger NPC inside the main office.
    • All cards can be turn-in using this npc.
  • Guildstorage can now open using @guildstorage command.


  • Adds missing effect to ID29463 Rune Knight Stone (Garment).
    • Damage bonus for Dragon's Breath (Water).


  • Fixed several map crashed problem upon login and using skills.
  • Cleans up some cast time and delay behaviors.
    • Mystical Amplification should not have the IgnoreStatus CastTime flag.
    • Foresight will only apply a cast reduction to learned skills, not those that are granted through item bonuses guild skills, pets, etc.
    • Item bonus bDelayRate will now stack with other delay reduction bonuses.
  • Baby class 3rd jobs max stats is now 120, in able to get some extra bonus from the items that needs a based stats starting to 120.
  • Added daily attendance rewards for the month of September.
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