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Changelog 08/28/2021


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  • Fixed saving location in einbroch does not save you to the @go location.
  • Fixed Primo d'Buffer NPC at eden doesn't giving buffs for VIP Players.


  • Loyalty Shop Update.
    • Added 1 week and 1 month VIP Tickets.
  • Added New NPC inside the main office near coin Exchanger.
    • Using this NPC you are able to exchange your card to 1 Asuriel Coin each.
  • Removed Yggberry box, Poison Bottle Box and White slim potion Box at Hourly Reward Shop.
  • Remodel the items inside the Hourly shop.



  • Arrows and Ammos are now not consumable.
    • In other means that the arrows and ammos are now unlimited when used.
  • Malangdo Enchant combo fixes.
    • Fixed all Malangdo Item Enchant combos and added missing enchant.
  • Asuriel Coin is now Tradeable, can insert to cart even on the storage.
  • Added Ancient Hero's Bravery on Cash shop.


  • Increase the drop rate odin relics from 0.5% to 2.5%.


  • Enabled VIP System.
    • VIP Users will get Additional +200 Storage Space.
    • VIP users will Remove all gemstone requirements for skills.
    • VIP users will get +7 All stats using Primo d'Buffer NPC at eden.
  • Fixes Grimtooth not causing SC_QUAGMIRE status to monsters.
    • Grimtooth will now inflict SC_QUAGMIRE status to normal monsters during 1 second (only the movement slowdown, not the stat reduction).
  • Fixed Warp portal skill cannot be used after 2 to 3 times and need to re-login in able to use it again.
  • Website Update.
    • Support for webservice (guild icons).
      • Guild emblem is almost done that support GIF images!.
    • Fixed reset body option on website not working.
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