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Monthly Attendance Rewards


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Due the movement of our Grand Opening which should be on December 1st, We would like to present a early update for all of you.

Presenting Daily Attendance Rewards

This rewards will change every month

Day 1: 5x 608Yggdrasil Seed

Day 2: 1x 6316VIP Token of Siegfried

Day 3: 1x 7776 Gym Pass

Day 4: 5x 23047 [Not for Sale] Blessing Of Tyr

Day 5: 1x 23038 [Not for Sale] White Potion Box

Day 6: 1x 23043 [Not For Sale] Yggdrasil Berry Box

Day 7: 3x 23340 [Event] Megaphone

Day 8: x5 12516 [Event] Small Life Potion

Day 9: x5 23307 [Not for Sale] Brilliant Protection Scroll

Day 10: x3 11595 Trans Candy Green

Day 11: x2 14533 Advanced Field Manual

Day 12: x3 23012 [Not for Sale] Small mana Potion

Day 13: x5 23048 [Not for Sale] Regeneration Potion

Day 14: x2 12264 HE Bubble Gum Plus

Day 15: x5 23046 [Not for sale] Mystic powder

Day 16: x5 12515 [Not for Sale] Medium Life Potion

Day 17: x5 12522 [Event] LV10 Blessing Scroll

Day 18: x5 12523 [Event] LV10 Agil Scroll

Day 19: x1 6234 Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate

Day 20: x1 20035 Costume Miracle Blue Rose

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