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Changelog 8/24/2021


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  • Stylist NPC should give now some new colors (We will work into this to support 99 to 200 new colors for hair and cloth).
  • Fixed Plagiarism NPC.
    • The NPC can be used now by stalker or Rouge classes.
    • Fixed being stocked after using the NPC.
    • Fixed map crash after using the NPC.
  • Reopen Battleground System! (Thanks i finally fixed all problem here).
    • Initial Battleground is composed of modes :
      • Capture the Flag
      • Team DeathMatch
      • Eye of Storm
      • Conquest
      • Kreiger Von Midgard
      • Stone Control
      • Domination
      • Rush
        • All the map from the initial Battleground have been redesigned by myself. It means that they are more convenient for teams and they are more beautiful, using last Ragnarok models/textures.


  • Video Introduction : 
  • Rules are as follow :
    • PvP is enabled on the map
    • When you kill someone, you earn 2 points.
    • You've to catch the "Fumbi" and put it on the opponent goal platform.
    • When you sore, you earn 10 points.
    • When you've the Fumbi, you earn 1 point but you cannot use items/skills.
    • When you've the Fumbi and you kill someone, you earn 4 points.
    • When you kill the owner of the Fumbi, you earn 3 points and the Fumbi falls on the floor.
    • If the Fumbi waits 10 seconds on the floor without a new owner, it'll be reseted to the center of the map.
    • The match is divided into 2 half times.
    • Team with the highest score, win the game.


  • Added extra stats to shadow gears.
    • on Aegis files the shadow gear have all theses extra stats (the stats are often skipped in the description)
    • added atk and matk for shadow gear weapon
    • added hp for shadow gear type armor
  • Fixes card resistance effects.
  • Cash shop Update.
    • Added Infinite Fly wing that doesn't have timer.


  • Tomb of Fallen Improvements.
    • Cursed Fragment's drop rate has been increased from 5% to 20%.
    • Each mob will now have 3 separate chances to drop Cursed Fragments at 20% (Up from 1 chance per mob.)


  • Removed HP require from Magnum break.
  • Disables costumes and hat effects on GvG/PvP maps.
    • Visual costumes are now disabled on PvP maps.
    • Hat Effects are now disabled on GvG and PvP maps.
  • Fixes Ray of Genesis Cooldown.
    • Adjusts the Ray of Genesis cooldown to 2 seconds.
  • Resolves Shadow Trampling not affecting the targets.
    • Resolves Shadow Trampling not applying it's affect on targets around the caster.
  • Fixes Frost Nova versus targets on Land Protector.
    • Frost Nova will no longer damage targets who are standing on Land Protector.
  • Fixes Basilica failing versus other skills.
    • Resolves Basilica from failing to work with other unit skills in the area.
  • Fixes Marionette Control versus Curse/Quagmire.
    • Marionette Control will no longer cast onto targets that are either Cursed or in Quagmire.
  • Fixes Pressure hit count.
    • Fixes Pressure not doing 3 hits per cast.
  • Fixes Elemental Converter and equip swap.
    • Fixes Elemental Converter getting removed when swapping weapons/shields.
  • Adjusts Comet to a unit skill type.
    • Adjusts the behavior of Comet to a unit skill type.
    • Comet will now behave properly around Maya Card and other unit skill type interactions.
  • Updates the behavior of Stasis.
    • Updates the behavior of Stasis to block Songs, Ensembles, Choruses, and magic type skills.
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