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    • Fixed Para Market selling a wrong item. NPC Manbok at paramk 87 101 was selling item ID 22569 instead of 22659. Added Smokie Card, Andre Card, Sohee Card and Kukre Card to Card Exchanger NPC. Fixed quest status while talking mora quest. Some of them are not showing correctly. Small fixes for sealed shrine instance. Fixed Costume Dark Master location. Reduced the weight of Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seed to 1. Cash shop Update. Removed Primogems on Cash shop. Added OGH Temporal Box. Removed all movement restrictions for all custom wings. Removed restrictions for Observer. Corrected item combo and effects for the following items. Finisher [2] Dustfire [2] Burning Rose [2] Avenger [2] Freedom Flame [2] Heaven's Feather & Hell's Fire [1] Union Revolver [1] HR-S55-OS [2] Fixed incorrect card drop for Mutated White Knight. Added missing card drop for Rekenber Guard. Added missing card drop for Nameless Swordsman. Added missing Vicious Mind Aura drop for Nameless Swordsman. Fixed an issue in the quest system. The spawn timer of permanent monster was still INVALID_TIMER. Added daily attendance rewards for the month of October. Fixes card bonus damage reaching the cap. Card bonus damage adjustments were hitting the cap of short resulting in damage being nullified. Added drop effect when the item have a random option effects. * Adds the official pillar effect on dropped items depending on how many random options were applied to them.   Sneak peak for the next maintenance, And yes we will have a new map, mobs and items that will be implemented next maintenance. This map is a replica of Prontera Maze dungeon but we make it more bigger! Inside this map you will be facing some new mobs and older mobs that give different drops. Together with this new map there will be a new feature where you can smelt some miscellaneous items into a equipment or forging stones. There will be 10 - 15 different chambers each location, Like the following names: Gold chamber. Silver chamber. Experience Chamber. Training Chamber. Asuriel Coin Chamber and more! See you again on the next maintenance and updates!
    • Remake primogems torch to better look.  Ghost Palace Enchants. Gray Charcoal is now available through Ghost palace enchant npc. https://wiki.asurielro.com/index.php?title=Ghost_Palace#Dimension_Wanderer Fixed module description (Thanks Brigz). Fixed Odin Relic Function. Fixed Dragon Treasure Function. Removed Item Restrictions for Costume Angry Mouth. All miscellaneous items are now Sellable. All miscellaneous items are now Storageable. Change Cash shop item Shadow Random Option Thump Box to Class Shadow Cube.  https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/23115/class-shadow-cube Added new shadow gear that drop by monster. Sasquatch now drops Cold Breath Shadow Armor. Marin now drops Cold Breath Shadow Shield. Myst Case now drops Cold Breath Shadow Shoes. Added Roulette coins to every monsters inside the unholy path instance. Corrected Card drop for the following monsters. Red Pepper Research Assistant Bot Greater Research Assistant Bot Greater_Broken Gardener Beta Card The following monsters will drop shadow gears now. Dark Illusion = Swordman Shadow Pendant. Hunter Fly = Swordman Shadow Earring. Raydric = Knight Shadow Armor. Injustice = Knight Shadow Shoes. Clock Tower Manager = Crusader Shadow Armor. Arclouze = Crusader Shadow Shoes. Green Teddy Bear = Rune Knight Shadow Shield. Fix bWeaponAtkRate not working as intend. Fixed autobonus on the same equip slot. Fixed opt_flag collision in status_change_end. The issue caused skills in skill tree to disappear in some circumstances. Website Update. Added shop items via Purchase section. https://asurielro.com/?module=purchase Add Divine-Pride integration (items and monster images).
    • Fixed missing monster drop on this list. Thank you (Bigz).   Boarding Halter is now storage able. Infinite Fly wing is now storage able.
    • Good day every one, We made a massive rework for cash points currency and donation currency to make it more friendly and better to every players. As we started to 1:1 ratio we change the following rates to much better results. Change donation currency on our website. Rate now is 1$ = 100 credit points Other changes specially for cash shop items below 🙂 . Coin Exchanger NPC Exchange rate changes. From 1:1 currency we change the asuriel coins value to 1:20. This mean that every asuriel coin can now exchange to 20 points. Loyalty Merchant Removed VIP Ticket category. Corrected item effect for Intelligence Ring of Reaping.  Should give 50% of Matk. Cash shop Update. Changes all items to better one. Added more costume gears. Added supplies. Fixed Odin Relic doesn't giving any item when used. Now you are able to get soutane items using this item. Fixed Dragon Treasure doesn't giving any item when used. Added missing card drops inside Hidden Flower Garden Instance. Research Assistant Bot Card Greater Research Assistant Bot Card Dried Rafflesia Card Greater Dried Rafflesia Card Special Alnoldi Card Greater Special Alnoldi Card Make a better logo when taking a screenshot. (Thank you Dicegod). Fixed several map crash issue.
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